During the summer and early fall of 2019 I had the great opportunity to work on a couple designs for Ethereum’s Remix and Solidity teams.


Logo, Mascot,

Sticker & T-shirt design


October 2019



Remix logo & mascot

For Remix I developed a logo and a mascot, as well as stickers including these. Starting with the mascot the team decided to go with a hedgehog as character to give the tool a fun and playful vibe. The product’s name Remix led us to a music inspired theme (headphones & instruments), which also offers many possibilities down the road, for example when creating icons for plugins. Also, “Remi” the mascot is able to adapt to different contexts. For Devcon 2019 which took place in Osaka, I illustrated a version in which it is wearing a kimono and plays a Japanese Biwa.

Solidity sticker & t-shirt design

When the Solidity team approached me to design their stickers and t-shirts I was exited to experiment with all things retro, like 70’s color palettes, sunset gradients, and halftone textures. We wanted to create something that wasn’t too tech-y or clean, but more warm and messy in a way.