hasky is a smart task management app that speeds up the users’ workflow by improving their focus and attention. My role was to research, design, and test UX and UI solutions to execute hasky. The project included the following processes: detailed user research, competitor analysis, persona development, information architecture, paper prototypes, wireframes, user interface design, A/B testing, SEO, and user testing.Through the project I implemented two design processes (Double Diamond and Lean UX).
Tools used: SurveyMonkey, OptimalWorkshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Marvel, InVision, pen and paper




August 2017


Personal project

1. User personas

Who uses hasky?

Ideally hasky can be used by anybody. However it is especially helpful for imaginative people that are struggling with organization,  lack of focus, and who are easily overwhelmed by tasks. The main target group are college students, freelancers and professionals who want to manage their personal projects.

2. Task model &
customer experience map

The goal was to create a responsive web app which automatically sorts ideas and tasks into projects, keeps all the relevant files in one place, shows progress, improves focus, and finally rewards users for accomplishing tasks. To visualize all the journeys the users may experience and explain possible pain points in the design I created an experience map and a task model, using my personas as a guide.

3. Information architecture

After conducting card sorts and content audits of hasky’s competitors I created a sitemap/ information structure that is intuitive to users.

4. Wireframes

Using pen and paper I drew sketches of each screen for two of hasky’s core features. After testing the paper prototype and some iterations, I designed digital wireframes using Sketch.

5. Prototype

6. Style guide

7. High fidelity wireframes