The SnapBack is a guide to pregnancy & postpartum wellness, an inclusive, non-judgemental community as well as a digital assistant for every mama.  Its content, which focuses on physical exercises and week specific tips, is created by the clinical pharmacist and certified personal trainer Dr. Pinkey Patel.




June 2019


The SnapBack

Research & Ideation

Based on the information from competitive analysis and quantitative interviews I created a storyboard to illustrate current pain points. The user experience map shows how the ideal experience will be and how the app eliminates pain points.  After a card sorting exercise including all requested features I created the information architecture.

Focus on workouts

Since the app’s main goal is to keep mamas fit, the first tab focuses all on exercises and the user’s progress.


In order to reduce complexity, the second tab and its content changes depending on the program the user has selected. This is possible because it’s unlikely that a mom will be interested in both pregnancy and postpartum related information at the same time.

Quick Add

Every feature that includes data entry can be easily reached through the + button in the bottom menu.

Community & Tools

All the features which aren’t used on a daily basis or even just once (i.e. hospital bag checklist), are neatly tucked away in the “tools” tab.